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Food Security &

“No water, no life. No blue, no green” Sylvia Earle

Due to the rapidly increasing global demand for food and the persistently diminishing resources to meet this demand. Humans have to explore and maintain oceans for premium food supply, as well as integrate it as a sustainable food Security measure.

With raw data about oceans’ productive patterns, Saeio Global would help you make informed decisions and formulate effective strategies for sustainable food supply that suits your purpose. We take into cognizance significant environmental, economic and political regulatory factors to devise smart, realistic solutions to them.


Precision food production refers to specific measurements of agricultural viability coupled with the use of innovative Variable Rate Technology (VRT) to distribute resources to achieve improved agricultural yield optimally. We adopt this technology to determine the exact requirements for food production through land-based farming and aquatic-based food production to make informed decisions and manage resources while yielding optimum produce.

Saeio Global offers recent technology that transmits data even without human availability to help you practice precise agriculture for better outcomes.

Fisheries &

We offer innovative solutions to fishery and aquaculture practices through sustainable based approaches to fill gaps in providing adequate edible aquatic-based food protein following sustainable ethics, thereby following stewardship practices. Through the use of culled data, Saeio Global would help you form a technology-based system that aims to minimize input and maintain the aquatic habitat for profitable results.


At Saeio Global, we value the optimum health of aquatic bodies as a food security measure, and a means to sustainability. So, we work with stakeholders through our relevant local and international networks to help solve ocean-related issues. Thus, promoting sustainability of the resources and environment, educating end-users and other beneficiaries of the Ocean associated resources and environment about the proper life cycle of marine and coastal beneficiation and actively advocating against waste dumping in water as viable ocean solutions..


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We never stop at just the provision of solutions but provide regular reviews of the service on request to ensure it meets the demands of our ever-changing world.

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